iPhone 3GS Discounts Now, iPhone 4G Soon?

The iPhone has taken the smartphone world by storm, grabbing sales from established players like RIM’s BlackBerry line and forcing RIM and others to revamp their strategies to keep up.

As EnterpriseMobileToday reports, the Apple rumor mill has been running hot with talk of a new iPhone model in the works. What does that mean for the current iPhone 3GS model?

Are you willing to buy planned obsolescence, even if it’s still a pretty good deal? If so, you might want to head over to a Wal-Mart.

The retail giant has started selling the iPhone 3GS for just $97 with a two-year contract, well off the standard $199 asking price for the 16GB unit — a sign that some in the industry are taking to mean that it’s paring retail inventory in advance of the launch of a new iPhone.

Meanwhile, in another possible sign of a pending iPhone introduction, the mobile blog Boy Genius Reports said that the older iPhone 3G has been discontinued. It was not listed as available from either the Apple online store or AT&T’s online store.

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Last Days for Apple’s iPhone 3GS? Signs Point to Yes

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