Is Dell’s ‘Streak’ Ready to Challenge iPad?

Tablet computers have been around for years, but none of the models excited consumers and the industry press until Apple unveiled the iPad which is selling about as fast as Apple can make them.

As EnterpriseMobileToday reports, the latest entry to the tablet market, Dell, has taken a unique approach in terms of form factor that the company thinks is the “sweet spot” between traditional smartphones and larger tablets.

For the longest time, Dell was considered a loyal Wintel shop, selling only Windows machines on Intel hardware.

Times change. Now the company offers systems with AMD processors and sells systems with Linux pre-installed, and the company is also rapidly expanding its offerings in the ARM/Android space as well. It already has several smartphones in development, and this week unveiled a mini-tablet, called the Streak.

Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) introduced the Streak in England, where it will launch first before coming to the U.S. It will likely be sold through a carrier partner, as Dell is launching with O2, a UK mobile carrier. The company also released a YouTube video with a discussion with one of the Streak’s group managers.

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Dell Continues Linux Android Mobile Device Streak

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