Jobs Comment Revives Verizon iPhone Rumors

Could Apple finally be readying an iPhone for Verizon’s network? Scores of bloggers out there certainly think so, picking up on an off-hand remark Steve Jobs made at a media event last week.

When he remarked that Apple houses a Verizon Wireless cell tower on its corporate campus, Jobs touched off a wave of speculation that Apple could be developing an iPhone for Verizon, ending its exclusivity agreement with AT&T. Of course, those rumors are hardly new, and not necessarily altogether credible. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

CEO Steve Jobs caused a bit of a stir when he mentioned that Apple has a Verizon cell tower on its campus. Could this mean Apple is that much closer to announcing a deal with the carrier to offer a Verizon iPhone?

Jobs is notoriously disciplined and rarely goes off message in his public statements. However, Friday’s press conference over the iPhone 4 antenna controversy was an anomaly for Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) because, unlike its well-scripted new product events, this was about Apple having to defend itself.

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Why Does Apple Have a Verizon Tower on its Campus?

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