LED Screen-based Shortage Hits Android Makers

The law of supply and demand is becoming very apparent to the Android handset market. Google’s Nexus One made LED-based phones appealing, and even if they didn’t want a Nexus One, everybody wanted one an LED screen. There’s just one problem: LED screens are hard to make. The result has been some Android phones are out of stock because their makers can’t get the screens. Enterprise Mobile Today looks at the trend of LED phones.

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) displays have become a very hot commodity in smartphones, most notably in Android devices, but the high demand coupled with very limited manufacturing capabilities is causing some real shortages.

When Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) introduced the Nexus One in January, the device was the first to feature an AMOLED display. AMOLEDs use no backlights, which saves power, and makes them much thinner than Active Matrix LCDs (AMLCDs). They also look beautiful, something people noted as soon as they saw the Nexus One.

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