Mobile Data Traffic Swells 193%

In case you haven’t heard, smartphones are all the rage these days. And not surprisingly, all the fancy downloadable, mobile apps en vogue with smartphone users are leading to massive growth in mobile data, according to a new study from AdMob.

How much growth are we talking? Try a 193 percent year-over-year increase in smartphone traffic. The Apple iPhone continues to dominate in wireless data, though newcomers like Google’s Android mobile OS are gaining ground. EnterpriseMobileToday has the story.

Smartphone data traffic grew 193 percent year-over-year in the month of February, with Apple dominating the market but Android making its presence felt slowly but surely, according to a report from AdMob.

AdMob, which Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) said in November 2009 it plans to acquire, broke down worldwide traffic on its ad networks into the categories of smartphones, feature phones and mobile Internet devices. Smartphones accounted for 48 percent of its traffic in February 2010, up from 35 percent the year before. AdMob attributed this primarily to iPhone and Android traffic.

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Smartphone Traffic Explodes 193 Percent

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