Motorola Investment Sends a Message

Making good on its pledge to be more active this year, Motorola Ventures said it made an investment in Irish telecom software maker Anam Mobile.

Anam’s applications range from management platforms for content providers to core network delivery platforms for mobile network operators. The software is designed to run over third-generation networks, and is sold through a license model or as a managed service.

The investment comes on the heels of a commercial agreement between Motorola and Anan.

Founded in 1999, Anam is based in Dublin and has additional facilities in Boston and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In addition to Motorola Ventures, it has received two rounds of backing from Mayfair Venture Capital (MVC).

“[Anam’s] products are designed to allow operators to secure premium revenue streams by offering services that are relevant and complementary to a seamless mobile lifestyle,” John O’Donohue, a Motorola Ventures managing director, said in a statement.

For Motorola Ventures, the Anam investment is part of a trend by wireless players to increase their venture activities. NTT DoCoMo and Nokia have also recently ramped up investments.

By placing more bets, the companies have a better chance of owning a piece of technology that can eventually be integrated into their products or services.

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