Nokia, Palm Users Looking to Bolt: Survey

Nokia and Palm owners are appear ready to make a switch at their first opportunity, according to a new survey of U.S. smartphone users by Finnish mobile analytics firm Zokem.

As Enterprise Mobile Today reports, the iPhone and Android models score highest in customer loyalty with more than four in five users vowing to stick with their current smartphone regardless of what new features or form factors are churned out by the competition.

The iPhone checked in atop the rankings of platform loyalty with net promoter score (NPS) of 73 percent, well ahead of second-place Android at 40 percent and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry at 33 percent. Symbian recorded a NPS of 24 percent while Windows Mobile and Palm came at 10 percent, respectively.

“The figures suggest clearly that iPhone is the top performing platform in terms of user loyalty, and therefore, it is an increasingly likely pick for a repurchase,” Zokem CEO Hannu Verkasalo said in the report. “Android is a good number two in the US market, even though the loyalty score is not nearly as high as it is for iPhones, but it seems that people who are using Android are also very likely to buy an Android-based device as their next smartphone too.”

RIM fared much better with 66 percent vowing to buy another BlackBerry when the time comes to upgrade. Forty-four percent of Windows Mobile users said they plan to stay the course.

But it was a much different story for Nokia and Palm.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Palm, Nokia Smartphone Users Most Likely to Switch: Survey

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