Opera View Shrinks

Opera software brought the latest version of its
browser to mobile devices today.

Opera 9 for Devices is now available to set-top boxes, portable media
players, game consoles and other electronic devices, according to a

When the standard Opera 9 came out in June, the Oslo, Norway-based company trumpeted its use of widgets.

In Opera 9 for Devices,
widgets will run outside of the browser on the device’s primary
interface. Users will be able to launch and manage them with a
single click.

As has become the standard for desktop browsers, Opera 9 for Devices
will support AJAX and Web applications.

And with Opera’s “extensible Rendering Architecture,” the browser
will adapt itself to fit in different devices.

The device will support Webforms 2.0 and Xpath. It will partially
support CSS 3, including opacity, media queries and selectors, Canvas
and SVG 1.1 Basic.

The browser supports the most current version of Adobe Flash Player, as well as supports Unicode and Bi-Directional scripts.

As more Americans begin to view their mobile devices as more than just
phones, Internet players even bigger than Opera have begun to work to
get their Web applications on portable devices.

Last week, Yahoo announced Yahoo Go for Mobile, a suite of Yahoo services,
including mail, search and photos, that
can now be used with Windows Mobile-based devices.

And Internet search giant Google has made no secret of its plans to
dominate the tiny screen.

Earlier this year, mobile
network operator Vodafone began working with Google to develop search services for its subscribers.

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