RIM Gives Mobile App Developers a Push

Research In Motion knows the key to keeping customers addicted to its BlackBerry smartphones is making sure there are plenty of new, useful and entertaining apps for its customers—and new ones—to download onto their smartphones.

To that end, RIM this week rolled out BlackBerry Push Service to developers, an offering that lets RIM deliver a steady stream of updates to code jockeys without making them interrupt whatever their doing to download new data.

The BlackBerry Application Platform allows applications to run in the background and when new information is pushed to the device from the application server, that app “wakes up” and provides the content to the user, according to RIM.

Because the app is not continually checking servers for new data, there is less battery drain, claims RIM, and a reduction in traffic on the application’s servers.

Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look at RIM’s latest move to gain traction in the developer community.

Research In Motion today rolled out the BlackBerry Push Service to developers working on BlackBerry OS mobile applications — a move that will allow them to provide users with automatic, uninterrupted updates that don’t require downloading the new data.

Using the new push feature, BlackBerry app developers can send up to 8KB of content in each transmission update. The BlackBerry user will see a notification appear, letting him or her know that one of their mobile applications has new information. The user can then open the updated app without closing out of any running programs.

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