RIM Relaxes BlackBerry App World Rules

It’s hard to look at the mobile app space and not see the major device makers playing catch-up to Apple. Research In Motion, which was perhaps a bit late to the part with its App World marketplace, has unveiled a host of changes to its store that could make it more attractive to mobile developers.

For instance, RIM is now permitting BlackBerry developers to include “in app” commerce applications, the type that are already common to iPhone applications. Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

SAN FRANCISCO — Research In Motion is kicking off its BlackBerry Developers Conference here by announcing advances to the mobile platform’s App World store and new developer opportunities.

Some of the news essentially gets the BlackBerry caught up with competitors like Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL). For example, the BlackBerry’s App World store will now support so-called “in-app” commerce applications that are already an established feature of the iPhone ecosystem. With in-app programs, users are given the option, for example, to buy premium content or virtual goods in the program they’re running.

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