RIM’s App World 2.1 Debuts With In-App Payments

Research In Motion today launched App World 2.1, a refresh of its mobile application store that features support for in-app payments to help developers maximize revenue for premium content and gives them more incentive to write for its devices.

As Enterprise Mobile Today reports, the updated mobile app store and platform could go a long way toward helping RIM remain relevant in the increasingly competitive and largely Apple- and Android-dominated mobile application landscape.

With App World 2.1, developers will be able to add and charge for additional content — think higher levels of action or fantasy games or virtual goods — using the payment service SDK, giving them another source of revenue (and reason to write for the BlackBerry) and consumers an opportunity to access new premium content.

They can also register and manage virtual goods through the BlackBerry App World Vendor Portal, and a reporting feature will be able to track purchases and payments for their apps and in-app features.

This year, IDC projects more than 10.9 billion mobile applications will be downloaded around the world. That figure is expected to rocket up to almost 77 billion apps by the end of 2014.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

RIM Flips Switch on App World 2.1

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