SAP Touts ‘Unwired’ Strategy With Sybase

What exactly is SAP up to with its newly acquired Sybase? The computing giant had said little since the May purchase, but now is out with a fresh product road map and high hopes for an “unwired strategy.”

In the next nine months, SAP and Sybase plan to unveil a new mobile platform for businesses that will be compatible with major handsets and operating systems. Enterprise Mobile Today has the story.

SAP has been fairly quiet about its mobile plans since the company announced its blockbuster, $5.8 billion acquisition of Sybase back in May. But today executives from SAP (NYSE: SAP) and John Chen, CEO of Sybase, detailed an ambitious “unwired” mobile agenda.

“The combination of SAP and Sybase is a significant game changer in the industry. Less than three months after this bold acquisition was announced, we are highlighting the first joint products that will transform the way people and businesses work,” Bill McDermott, SAP’s Co-CEO, said in a statement. “The product roadmap and go-forward strategy we are sharing today positions SAP to be the only company enabled to deliver a full suite of enterprise software and next-generation business intelligence on any device at any time.”

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Sybase Key to SAP’s ‘Unwired’ Attack Plans

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