SMC Eyes New Wi-Fi Standard

SMC Networks, an Irivine, Calif., maker of home and business wireless networking gear, said its products will meet the new Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) industry standard by the end of June.

“Wireless networking is being adopted for use in homes, businesses, hotspots and educational facilities at an amazingly high rate, but users demand the highest possible security,” said Betty Chan, an SMC product manager.

WPA is an extension of the Wired Equivalent Privacy technology already supported by SMC’s portfolio, the company said. WPA bolsters data protection levels and strengthens access control.

SMC is privately held and has office throughout the United States and 20 other countries. It products include wireless DSL routers, PC cards and access points.

“We’re pleased to see so many networking industry leaders like SMC supporting Wi-Fi Protected Access as an industry-wide security solution,” said Dennis Eaton, chairman of Wi-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit wireless industry group.

The Wi-Fi Alliance certifies products that meet security and interoperability standards –two of the biggest issues on the minds of potential customers. The Mountain View, Calif.-based group has 176 member companies, including SMC.

Earlier this week it the Wi-Fi Alliance issued WPA certification for nine components, including offerings from Atheros, Broadcom, Cisco, Intel, Intersil and Symbol.

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