Sprint the Latest Nexus One Carrier

The mobile market is heating up with new Android-based phone announcements coming at a rapid clip.

EnterpriseMobileToday has the story of Google’s latest move, involving the Nexus One.

And that makes four.

Sprint Nextel on Thursday announced support for Google’s HTC-built smartphone Nexus One on its CDMA (define) network. That puts the Google handset on all four major wireless networks in the United States, though the Verizon phone is still awaiting a launch date.

As with T-Mobile and AT&T, the Nexus One for Sprint will only be sold through Google’s online store. As of this writing, the phone is not available from Google’s store. Only the T-Mobile and AT&T versions are listed, and the Verizon phone is listed as “coming soon.” The Verizon phone could ship in the next few weeks.

Pricing and an exact availability date have not been disclosed, but the Sprint phone will likely sell for the same amount as the T-Mobile phone: $529 for the unlocked version and $179 for a locked version with a two-year contract.


Google Adds Sprint as Nexus One Carrier

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