Survey Reveals No Customer Loyalty in Mobile Market

Mobiles users are a funny lot. While they aren’t necessarily unhappy with
their current service, most customers would jump at the chance to move if a little
better deal came along. Oracle’s survey of 3,000 mobile service customers shows that there is little customer loyalty. As long as users save money and stay safe, they’ll listen to new offers.

SAN FRANCISCO — There was good news and bad news for mobile providers in a global survey released Wednesday at Oracle Open World conference.

Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) said the survey was designed to gain insight into what its customer’s customers think of mobile devices, including their thoughts on pricing and new features. The company said most major telcos are Oracle clients, using either its enterprise database and software portfolio or systems — thanks to Oracle’s purchase of Sun Microsystems.

Well-publicized incidents and consumer complaints related to poor or inconsistent 3G coverage and reception abound, including the recent antenna-gate” controversy related to Apple’s iPhone. But the majority of mobile customers (82 percent) in Oracle’s survey said they believe their current service provider is doing a good job.

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