The Race Is On For iPad Apps

Apple’s iPad won’t be released to the public until Saturday but that hasn’t stopped developers from burning the midnight oil to be first in line with applications for the promising tablet device.

If anything, developers have learned that it pays big dividends to have their applications be among the first available to consumers once a new Apple product hits store shelves. This was especially true of the iPhone, which now offers thousands of applications for everything from monitoring menstrual cycles to managing fantasy baseball leagues.

Enterprise Mobile Today has the lowdown on the great iPad app race, detailing almost 1,400 new applications that are already under development and at least 700 titles that will be available for download by Saturday.

Developers have only had a few weeks with the final iPad software development kit, and hardly anyone has had the iPad hardware itself on which to test their apps, but that hasn’t stopped developers from working around the clock to be ready for the launch of the Apple tablet this Saturday, April 3.

AppAdvice, a blog dedicated to iPhone and iPad application development, has produced a video showing more than 700 new iPad-specific titles ready for launch, with prices ranging from free to $14.99 and higher. The blog also dug up a database of all 1,350 apps it believes are under development or have been approved or submitted to Apple for approval.

Read the full story at Enterprise Mobile Today:

Mobile Apps for iPad Abound, Could Launch With 700

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