Yahoo, Nokia Partner on Web Services

Do what you do best and outsource the rest? That seems to be the guiding spirit of a new partnership between Nokia and Yahoo.

Through the alliance announced Monday morning, Yahoo will take over the technology underpinning Nokia’s Ovi e-mail and messaging clients. In turn, Nokia’s Navteq will power Yahoo’s mapping and navigation services.

The companies bill the partnership as a creative way to extend each firm’s reach in the global marketplace, and plan to begin rolling out co-branded services later this year.

Enterprise Mobile Today reports on the ambitious new alliance between Yahoo and Nokia.

Yahoo and Nokia have forged a partnership that will sync up their e-mail, messaging and mapping services, extending each company’s global reach both in the mobile and traditional Web.

The partnership will see Yahoo (NASDAQ: YHOO) become the exclusive technology provider for Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) e-mail and chat services. In turn, Nokia will fulfill the same function for Yahoo’s mapping and navigation services.

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Yahoo, Nokia Team Up on E-Mail, Maps

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