ZyXEL takes to the ZyAIR

ZyXEL Communications of Placentia, CA, a long time provider of home and small business networking products known for its ZyWALL Internet Security Gateway line, today announced it’s first foray into the world of 802.11b Wireless. Considering their security expertise, they haven’t left that out of the new ZyAIR line of products, as all of them have built in support for the 802.1X authentication standard when used in conjunction with a remote access server.

The product line includes the B-2000 WLAN Gateway with 4-port Switch ($159) for sharing cable or DSL connection and the B-1000 Access Point ($139) for connecting wireless 802.11b-equiped products to the wired network. Both feature two omni-directional 2dBi antennas, Web-based configuration; the router also has NAT firewall, DHCP server, MAC address filtering, logging, and more.

On the client side, the ZyAIR line features the B-100 PC Card ($69), B-200 USB Adapter ($69), B-300 PCI Adapter ($79) and the B-400 Ethernet Adapter ($119), a bridge to the wireless network for products that already have Ethernet built in. All products are available now.

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