Asterisk Thinks Big With Open Source VoIP Effort

Open source developers and supporters continue to push new frontiers. The latest example is Digium’s Scalable Communications Framework (SCF). As VoIP Planet details, SCF Is designed to give developers the tools for large scale open source deployments.

And while SCF is a new project, the article explains why Digium’s well-known Asterisk project for IP-based PBX’s also stands to benefit. Digium says a key differentiating factor for SCF will be its ability to grow or shrink scale on demand.

The open source Asterisk project started off as an effort to be an on-premise IP-PBX. Over the years, demand for increasingly scalable and modular approaches for voice communications has grown, which is why a new Asterisk project is being announced this week.

The Asterisk Scalable Communications Framework (SCF) is a new project sponsored by Digium that aims to build an open source VoIP system for large-scale deployments.

Read the full story at VoIP Planet:

Asterisk SCF Goes for Scale in New Open Source VoIP Project

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