Empress Delivers XML Support

Empress Software Inc. this week announced support for XML in its recent release of Empress Hypermedia V8.20, the Internet Applications Development Toolkit. Empress Software hopes to “power the high degree of data interchange within business applications on the Internet, intranets and extranets.”

Empress Hypermedia V8.20 provides full control by defining tags and structural relationships between tags in a Web document. Unique documents can be developed specifically for an application and its embedded data managed by the Empress RDBMS. Developers can define the semantics of an XML document, which allows the creation of application-specific Web documents.

Data-intensive applications can call upon the strengths of XML because the data can be separated from the formatting tags contained within a Web document. This allows the user to extract, mark up, and reuse their data, which can then be altered to suit their needs, and then used in another application.

For additional information about Empress Hypermedia, check out HyperAction, Empress Software’s new online magazine which covers Web application development issues such as XML.

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