Intel Releases Compilers for Wireless Devices

In preparation for the next generation of mobile devices using its XScale chips, Intel Tuesday released new compiler software.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip making giant said its new Intel C++ Compiler for Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ is designed to help developers write applications for Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture-based PDAs, cell phones and other wireless devices. The release marks the first time Intel has issued compliers for its XScale processors. Intel already has a host of compiler software for its Pentium 4, Xeon and Itanium 2 chip families.

Software developers use compilers to translate a programming language, such as C++, into the machine language understood by the processor. Intel said applications built with its new compilers should show better graphical quality, enhanced user-interactivity and better communication with other devices in a network.

The new compilers support many of the same features already found in version 7.1 of the Intel C++ Compilers for Microsoft Windows and offer full support for Intel XScale technology-based processors, including Intel’s PXA25x and PXA26x series. Both chips are the primary engines that run Microsoft Pocket PC handhelds and Microsoft Smartphone series. The PXA255 also powers Palm’s latest Tungsten C device as well as Symbian and Linux mobile units.

“Availability of these new compilers means developers now have optimized tools to improve the performance of applications spanning Intel-based mobile and wireless devices, desktops and servers,” said Intel Software Products Division general manager Jon Khazam.

The software includes support for Intel Wireless MMX technology, compatibility with Microsoft Windows CE .NET Platform Builder and Embedded Visual C++, interprocedural optimization, floating-point emulation libraries, support for Microsoft-specific intrinsic functions, and, in a version for system manufacturers, debugging extensions that simplify system development.

The compilers are available in two flavors: the Intel C++ Compiler for Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ retails for USD$399 and is intended for application development use. The Intel C++ Compiler for Platform Builder for Microsoft .NET is available for the suggested list price of $1,499 and is intended for OEM and system integrator use.

Intel and its resellers are making both items are available for a free download or on CDROM.

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