Microsoft Unleashes New .Net Tools

In the hopes of luring developers to use its .Net Web services platform,
Microsoft Wednesday announced the free availability of the Visual
Studio .Net integration software development kit (SDK) and an online help
center for developers building .Net architectures.

Microsoft enterprise customers holding a select licensing or enterprise
licensing agreement can now get the integration SDK for free through Summit
Software. Previously, only members of the Visual Studio .Net Integration
Program had access to the kit.

Microsoft launched
Visual Studio five months ago
, in its push to capture the attention of
developers to its evolving Web services offerings.

The integration SDK gives developers the ability to customize Visual Studio
.Net for company-specific projects, allowing for the integration of tools,
documentation and online communities within the Visual Studio .Net
integrated development environment.

Through the Visual Studio .Net SDK, Microsoft said enterprises could
streamline the development life cycle, through a unified environment that
eases collaboration and within development teams.

In addition to the SDK, Microsoft announced the availability of the .Net
Architecture Center, designed as a one-stop location for developers looking
for information and advice about Microsoft architecture problems. The site
provides best-practices models, reusable software assets, and advice on
building using .Net software.

The .Net Architecture Center is available for free at the
Microsoft Developer Network Web site

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