Novell Brings Old With The New

Though Novell is moving forward with its Linux strategy, it hasn’t forgotten about the past.

Novell CEO Jack Messman this week
announced long-term support for Netware, as well as a number of new Linux and
Groupware and Identity Management product initiatives at the company’s
BrainShare conference.

At the top of Novell’s BrainShare product news is the release of its
flagship Linux server, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 (SLES 10).

Among the notable
additions in SLES 10 is the integration of the Xen 3.0 virtualization
engine. With the SLES 10 release, Novell stakes its claim as the first
enterprise Linux distribution to integrate Xen, months ahead of the expected
inclusion by Red Hat.

SLES 10 also includes AppArmor, which is Novell’s answer to Red Hat’s SELinux providing enhanced system
controls to secure the operating system.

Also, an enhanced Novell edition of enables the use of many Microsoft Excel
spreadsheet macros inside of the open source office suite.

Novell is expanding its Linux-based collaboration offerings with the new
Open Workgroup suite, which combines Novell operating and collaboration
offerings. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Open Enterprise Server, GroupWise and Novell’s
ZENWorks system management are all part of the new workgroup suite.

GroupWise users no longer need to be tethered to their servers, as Novell’s
collaboration suite is set to get a mobile boost.

Novell GroupWise Mobile
Server, powered by IntelliSync, offers the promise of “seamless integration
with more than 400 mobile devices and virtually every mobile operating
system,” according to Novell.

The company also announced a new BlackBerry
Enterprise Server 4.1 for GroupWise, which will enhance RIM users’ mobile

Novell’s identity management solutions are also getting a boost with the new
releases of Novell SecureLogin, Storage Manager and Designer for Novell
Identity Manager.

The Eclispse-based Designer for Novell Identity Manager
is a free download that enables to test and deploy identity management
scenarios. Novell’s single sign-on application, SecureLogin 6, doubles
the number of single sign-on solution target applications of its previous
versions and includes a new wizard to allow users to add even more

Despite the focus on Linux, Novell isn’t forgetting about
its installed base of Netware.

“For those of you running Netware with no immediate plans to migrate to
Linux, I am pleased to announce today that we will support Netware until at
least 2015,” Messman said in his Brainshare keynote.

“Typically Novell offers 10 years of support for products
after they initially ship with advancements in virtualization technology.
however, Novell will be able to support Netware 6.5 for as long as customers
want to run it.

“That’s as close to as forever as you can get.”

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