VeriSign Announces Go Secure! for Web Applications

VeriSign Inc. Monday announced Go Secure! for Web Applications, a “fast-track” approach for enterprises that are deploying secure business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce applications.

Go Secure! for Web Applications is an easy way for enterprises to utilize digital certificates for secure intranet and extranet applications without requiring proprietary client software or hardware.

VeriSign’s Go Secure! for Web Applications is a new service which provides the ability to build and deploy secure access control capabilities into Web applications almost overnight. This service consists of several components used for deploying large-scale secure Web applications, including automation of certificate acquisition, user authentication, and password replacement for access control. VeriSign’s Go Secure! for Web Applications service includes the following unique features:

  • The Personal Trust Agent (PTA) — provides the ability to seamlessly acquire certificates and transparently use certificates within Web applications.
  • The unique Password Migration service — enables the automatic replacement of passwords for digital certificates in a highly scalable service.
  • New Administrative Access Control components — provides the ability to
    easily create and set up secure Web applications through canned, pre-
    configured Web front-end pages.

The VeriSign’s Go Secure! family of application services allows enterprise shops to rapidly incorporate digital certificate-based functionality into their VPN, messaging and Web applications. VeriSign’s Go Secure! Services extend the value of VeriSign OnSite, the full-featured PKI service platform for the enterprise.

Go Secure! for Web Applications is included with bundled OnSite configurations at no cost. For additional information or to view a demo, visit the VeriSign Web site.

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