Best Buy Selects Enterprise for B2B E-Commerce

Business-to-business service provider DynamicWeb Enterprises Inc. Friday
lended its EDIxchangeBuy intranet service to Best Buy Co. Inc.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Best Buy (BBY)
will use EDIxchangeBuy to transact electronically with brick-and-mortar
vendors who do not have access to e-commerce. EDIxchangeBuy facilitates the
acceleration of e-business transactions via a Web browser for the purchase
of direct goods.

The service includes implementation of a customized Web site for the
establishment of the Best Buy vendor network. As a result of increased
electronic transactions, EDIxchangeBuy helps businesses improve control of
inventory, increase customer satisfaction, and improve productivity within a
supply chain.

“Automating the entire Brick and Mortar supply chain is a critical link to a
successful, seamless e-business strategy,” said Patricia Vessey, e-business
communication manager, vendor relations for Best Buy.

“This solution is the first step in allowing Best Buy to become 100 percent
EDI compliant, and to share more information with more vendors. DynamicWeb’s
EDIxchangeBuy Service is a platform for Best Buy to achieve that milestone
quickly and efficiently for Best Buy and our vendors.”

DynamicWeb Enterprises e-commerce services are focused on trading partner connectivity, inventory management and
buyer/seller productivity solutions.

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