Clarinet Selects Enscribe as Canadian Distributor

Enscribe Technologies has become a Canadian distributor for Clarinet Systems, Inc.‘s LAN/WAN, Internet and intranet technologies.

San Jose, Calif.-based Clarinet Systems develops short-range, wireless LAN, WAN and Internet access systems which it sells through an international network of distributors, resellers and system integrators.

Enscribe will distribute and support network administrators and other customers who need to link portable devices, such as portable computers or handheld Internet appliances, to a corporate network or the Web. It provides enterprise solutions, including product support and training for building networks for small, medium and large enterprises.

Specifically, Enscribe will distribute Clarinet Systems’ EthIR LAN and WAN Infrared-based network access systems. Applications for these products include education, healthcare and hospitals, business centers, hotels, and any organization that has a large mobile workforce.

“Enscribe’s experience in mobile and network services is a value add to our overall marketing strategy of utilizing distribution and reseller channels,” said Colin Petty, VP of marketing and sales for Clarinet.

“Clarinet System’s EthIR LAN/WAN products allow us to expand our networking and mobile services to our customers, providing them with key mobile connection components for a complete networking solution,” said Clarence Dykstra, president of Enscribe Technologies.

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