Conference Showcases Ease of Web Video

In what may be the beginning of a more formal, educational approach to the ad hoc world of streaming, the Digital Video Conference & Expo will offer the first annual Web Video Boot Camp to be held at the DV Conference & Expo in Long Beach on Oct. 18.

The Web Video Boot Camp is a new event geared towards DV Professionals. This event is a unique day long event designed to immerse the DV Professional or aspiring Web Video Producer in all that is needed to create videos on the Web for $495.

Professionals will share their expertise in putting together quality video over the Internet and intranets. The Web Video Boot Camp will address the
advancing digital video technologies, new streaming technologies and the
broadband revolution that are challenging notions of what can and can not be
done on the Internet.

Everything from content acquisition to manipulation and editing to
compression and output will be addressed. The Web Video Boot Camp Classes include:

  • “Essential Webcasting Camera Techniques” given by Logan Kesley and Jim Feely, will discuss the techniques necessary to maintain video quality at Web-ready data rates.
  • “Editing Techniques for the Web” given by Ben Waggoner and Dana Giles, will
    discuss the limitations in cutting video for web distribution, and highlight
    certain techniques to optimize editing when the delivery medium is on the
  • “Optimizing Video for Streaming on the Web” given by Ben Waggoner, will
    discuss the ins and outs of optimizing and compressing video for delivery on broadband intranets or the limited-band Web. The pros and cons of RealNetworks RealVideo, Microsoft Netshow, and Apple QuickTime 4.0 will also be discussed.

    “Doing Business on the Web” given by Nels Johnson, will address how to
    profit from this advanced expertise, and will also highlight various methods
    and online business models that can make money from the Web.

    The DV Conference & Expo is a focused technical conference and product expo
    for video professionals using digital video technology. The conference
    provides professionals with useful and up-to-date instruction on how to get
    ahead in the very competitive and evolving digital video marketplace. With
    over 60 exhibitors, and over 70 special conference sessions, the DV Expo is
    expected to draw over 6,000 digital video professionals worldwide.

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