Excalibur Offers Intranet Solution to FileNET Panagon

Excalibur Technologies Corp. Tuesday
introduced a secure intranet solution by rolling out RetrievalWare for FileNET Corp.’s Panagon service.

Excalibur RetrievalWare for FileNET’s Panagon Integrated Document
Management (IDM) Document Services provides access to all information managed by
Panagon as well as a single point of access to all of the organization’s
knowledge repositories.

The tool lets clients search for information in a variety of FileNET
document repositories and provides customers with advanced ranking
capabilities to allow searches to be reviewed based on relevance. Using the
new system, workers spend less time looking for
and re-creating stored knowledge, the firm said.

Excalibur RetrievalWare’s search
technology combines a full semantic network of 500,000 word meanings
and 1.4 million word associations with the ability to recognize patterns in
digital code and correct for misspellings and OCR (optical character
recognition) errors.

In addition, RetrievalWare for Panagon features close integration with the
Panagon security model and with the Panagon Web browser client to ensure
that RetrievalWare will never allow a user to retrieve a document they are
not able to view when working inside Panagon.

The FileNET Panagon product is suited to support compliance issues, product
research and development, and sales and marketing applications. Customers
will benefit from the solution’s ability to search research and development
archives to identify earlier projects and records that are useful in new

Excalibur (EXCA)
will also include beta support for Panagon 2000, which it plans to deliver
in Q1 2000.

“The combination of FileNET’s Panagon IDMDS and Excalibur RetrievalWare
creates a best-of-breed e-content management and knowledge retrieval
solution that excels in our customer’s large, distributed multi-server
infrastructures,” said Fred Monjazeb, vice president, world wide channel
sales and marketing at FileNET.

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