POPMail.com Snares New York Post as E-mail Marketing Client

News Corp.‘s New York Post,
whose NYPost.com Web site gets 12.3
million monthly page views, Tuesday signed a deal for PopMail.com to provide it with permission
e-mail marketing services.

NYPost.com will be utilizing PopMail.com’s technology to provide its
readers targeted news and marketing information, which the Post hopes will
help it create a relationship with its users.

POPMail.com has concentrated its efforts on signing companies in the
broadcast, media, sports, and entertainment industries.

“We plan to provide the Post with industry-leading technology to enable its
editors and advertisers to communicate with their readers more effectively,
as well as a way to lower marketing and sales costs,” says Stephen King,
CEO at PopMail.com.

The company offers an e-mail service that allows companies to capture
interest and demographic information about their customers and create a
member database. These companies can then use the database to send out
customized messages to users.

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