Ford France, France Telecom Seal Intranet Pact

Ford France Thursday announced plans to deploy a global intranet solution from France Telecom to speed the flow of information between the automaker’s French dealerships.

Ford said the intranet will provide authorized dealers with real-time access to databases and create a new way for them to communicate with the company.

The three-year agreement calls for France Telecom to set up an intranet that will connect all Ford France’s car dealerships. Custom-tailored functions will include sales forecasting, order management, vehicle production tracking and delivery logistics. Electronic data interchange will also reduce the company’s dependence on paper and increase efficiency as more applications are moved to the intranet.

Ford France said car buyers can expect better after-sale support since shop mechanics will have better access to information about their vehicles.

Ford France Chairman Claude Brunet said the deal increases the company’s commitment to the efficiency of electronic communications. Already, about 120,000 Ford employees around the world are connected through a corporate intranet.

“This new global intranet solution will bring us significant gains in terms of productivity and expertise. This initiative underscores the commitment to our entire network in France to building strong loyalty among our customers, to increasing our sales volumes and to improving our financial performance,” he said.

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