Ford Licenses SeraNova for Intranet App

For the second week in a row, Ford Motor
has made strides to strengthen its enterprise network.

The world’s second largest motor company Thursday contracted software firm
SeraNova Inc.
to develop a global intranet-based content management application for its
human resource staff.

The application — called HRlink — will act as a central communications hub
creating, capturing and distributing knowledge throughout Ford’s global
human resource organization. Approximately 3,600 Ford human
resource professionals worldwide will access the system.

HRlink will provide Web authoring tools and shared services, such as on-line
polling. The Web authoring tools will allow Ford’s HR
professionals to author entire ‘micro’ Web sites within HRlink without
requiring them to have programming knowledge.

In addition to designing and implementing HRlink, SeraNova will also design
and develop the content management policies for the application, as well as
the linkages to existing web applications.

“We anticipate delivering a web solution that will be viewed as a model that
can be applied to managing any type of content within any functional area in
an organization,” said Scott Crompton, vice president of the automotive
practice for SeraNova .

Exactly one week ago, Ford bolstered its wireless intranet capability by
enlisting AvantGo Inc.’s enterprise
software to allow their employees to access corporate information via
handheld devices.

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