Google Begins Web Hosting

Google is more inclined to be the repository of consumer data with each release it announces.

The beta launch today of Google Page Creator adds personal pages to the hosted offerings from the search Goliath.

Google already hosts blogs through its Blogger service; photos via Picasa; e-mail sent to Gmail accounts; video uploaded to Google Video; and all sorts of miscellaneous files uploaded to Google Base.

Now, here comes Google Page Creator, a free, browser-based tool for creating Web pages that are stored by Google.

The WYSIWYG interface eliminates the need to know HTML. Users need a Gmail account to begin building pages, which will be accessible to others at a URL that begins with the Gmail user name.

Google Page Creator is available via Google Labs, but demand was so high that the company already has a waiting list for registration.

Google Page Creator follows Yahoo 360 and MSN Spaces in the personalization niche that both Yahoo and MSN offer. Both personal publishing and communication services can be linked and accessed from one place. Page Creator is the second Google service to link to another; the company recently linked Gmail and the Google Talk messaging applications.

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