GTE CyberTrust Releases Enterprise Security Tools

GTE CyberTrust Solutions, a
section of GTE Internetworking, introduced today the Enterprise Access Tool
Kit, a solution for managing digital certificates across the enterprise.

The digital certificates are used as a secure means of access to corporate
data, providing a flag as to which databases or content the holder can access.

“The Enterprise Access Tool Kit is a powerful solution that facilitates
using digital certificates with existing systems for access control
decisions. Marrying strong authentication technology without requiring
changes to existing systems enables remote access and improves security
without adding a lot of cost,” said Tom Carty, vice president and general
manager of GTE CyberTrust Solutions.

The toolkit comprises the Enterprise Access Manager, a Web-based
administrative tool for defining and changing corporate policies regarding
security and access, and the Enterprise Access Enforcer, a Web server
plug-in module that adheres to the defined policies, enabling or blocking
access as determined by the administrative policy.

The Access Enforcer supports digital certificate technology by explicitly
allowing access to those holders of valid certificates. If a certificate
has been revoked and listed on the Certificate Authority’s (CA) certificate
revocation list (CRL), access will be denied.

The Enterprise Access Tool Kit supports all X.509-compatible digital
certificates and runs on Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape
Navigator 3.0 browsers, as well as the Netscape Enterprise Server. Support
for the Microsoft Internet Information Server is projected for later this

Version 1.1 of the tool kit is scheduled to be released February 16, 1998
at a starting price of $4,600.

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