Industry Leaders Advance Secure Enterprise Environment

IBM, Security Dynamics Technologies,
and RSA Data Security announced today they
have joined to promote the widespread integration of enterprise security
solutions that incorporate public key encryption, cryptography, and

The companies claim that the key to broader acceptance of security
technologies is having a common infrastructure. The companies state that
adoption of the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), a standard
developed by Intel and approved by The
Open Group, will help to meet this objective.

All three companies report they will be incorporating CDSA support into
future products, as well as deliver toolkits to assist developers in
creating CDSA-compatible applications.

“We believe that an open framework like CDSA, that shields developers from
the underlying complexity, is the best way to facilitate the development and
deployment of secure applications for a range of market segments,” said Jim
Bidzos, president of RSA.

IBM’s CDSA-enabled key recovery add-on solution, KeyWorks, offers users
with a common framework for recovering and backing up PKI encryption keys.
Security Dynamics integrates support for CDSA in its newly introduced
enterprise security product line. And RSA released today a
CDSA-compatible Certificate Security Suite that offers tools for creating
certificate-based applications.

All three companies’ product lines will also include support for each
other’s solutions, as well as distribute each other’s components. For
example, RSA’s Security Suite includes IBM’s KeyWorks module and supports
Security Dynamics’ SecurSight product line. IBM’s SecureWay product family
will also support the SecurSight “securityware” suite, and Security
Dynamics will work with IBM and RSA to ensure product support.

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