Infonet Offers New Global Network Security Service

Infonet Services Corporation will offer a global network security service using firewall technology from
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

The Infonet Managed Firewall Service will be based on the Check Point FireWall-1 enterprise security solution. It will protect intranets and LANs from unwanted intrusion from the public Internet, while also providing access to corporate data over the Internet via secured links.

Jean-Noel Moneton, Infonet’s VP Advanced Services, said: “Our regional
service option, in which one firewall node is dedicated to one customer,
allows Infonet to protect multiple connections and sites accessing the
Internet through one regional access point, making it extremely attractive
in terms of price and performance.”

The Infonet Managed Firewall Service is a fully managed, worldwide
solution, backed by a security team that monitors customer networks
and firewall applications and responds to any attempted break-ins.

It is available in two options: as a basic service allowing access from company intranets to the Internet, and additionally with access in the opposite direction, from the Internet to an intranet, as an option.

Pricing is on a regional basis, with Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific
being considered as “regions.” The vendor quotes the following example:
for a company with six locations in Europe, the cost per location could be
less than $500, which includes the rich feature set of Check Point

The Infonet Managed Firewall Service is planned for general release in
July 1998.

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