Inline Software Monitors CGI Processes

Inline Internet Systems
announced this week the availability of Version 2.1 of iSPI, software
designed to monitor HTTP, News, Mail, FTP, and other IP devices on NT,
UNIX, or Mac Servers.

The product can also monitor CGI processes, SQL databases, and Dial In
modem ports.

“The ability of iSPI v2.1 to monitor CGI processes, dial in modem ports, and
Web sites that are generated from a database is a step forward in providing
companies the ability to monitor their Web sites,” said Russ Cobbe,
President of Inline.

“Many sites are now dynamically generated but since the HTTP service may
still be running properly, a site with a non-functioning database server or
failed CGI program will still appear to be functional,” added Cobbe.

iSPI v2.1 is a Windows-based client product that can e-mail or page a system
administrator when the defined services become unavailable. This can be
extremely important as users expect services to be available 24 hours a day.

With iSPI, services can be monitored without having to be onsite 24 hours a
day. iSPI can also be used by consultants and end users to monitor up-times
of service providers and make informed decisions on who provides the best

Pricing starts at US$95. A fully functioning trial version can be downloaded from the Inline Web

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