Internet Image Releases Intranet-Based Software Deployment Tool

Internet Image Inc. Wednesday released TargetLink ADM which allows corporations to deploy software across intranets.

TarketLink ADM marks the product’s first major update since its release in March 1998. The Java-based product features unique technologies that help companies ensure software updates will perform correctly with existing environments and platforms.

The product is designed to deploy, install and manage software across network environments, greatly reducing the time and cost of software deployment and maintenance.

An inventory module will be added soon making it possible for system administrators to direct, query and report what has been installed on an user’s machine regardless of whether they are connected to a LAN or dial in remotely.

“TargetLink is by far the most advanced ADM solution in today’s intranet and Internet environment,” said Andy Lee, president, founder and chief technology officer of Internet Image.

“Because TargetLink addresses the technology requirements of Internet infrastructure, the future of online software deployment will be able to be accomplished through the foundation of our TargetLink technology.”

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