MP3 Plug-In Released for RealSystem G2

A Boston-based developer has made it easier for online music lovers to listen to their favorite songs via MP3 format by offering a plug-in for RealNetworks’ RealSystem G2.

The controversial audio format allows Internet users to download and save music with near-CD quality clarity. Citing copyright infringement and licensing issues, music companies have been battling MP3 Web sites in and out of court since October, 1998.

Digital Bitcasting Corp., maker of the G2 plug-in, is diving head-first into the controversy with its plug-in. The company’s server software lets Webcasters stream MP3 audio over the Internet, allowing the 53 million registered RealPlayer G2 users to play it without downloading or saving.

The plug-in is available for free download at the company’s Web site.

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