IntraNet Solutions Invests in activeIQ Technologies

Hoping to cash in on innovative content management solutions, IntraNet Solutions Thursday
made a strategic investment in technology start-up company activeIQ Technologies.

The size of the investment was not disclosed.

activeIQ will lend IntraNet Solutions (INRS)
its content characterization technology, which analyzes the structure of
documents and classifies them automatically into an ordered system.

This technology can help organizations create Web applications that have
Net category directories users can easily search and navigate to locate
precise information.

“Since content categorization is a manual process in most organizations,
this technology may play an increasingly important role in delivering
affordable content-based applications in the future,” said Robert Olson,
president and chief executive officer at IntraNet Solutions.

IntraNet Solutions Inc. offers content management solutions for intranet,
extranet and Internet applications.

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