Intranet Specialist To Bundle Intranet Utility in Servers

Intranet firm Focus Internet has
signed distribution agreements with a number of Internet services companies
in recent weeks to bundle its Merlin intranet utility in
Internet access servers, and is currently searching for an active channel
to market.

Merlin is made to provide
system security, user administration and profiling, KnowledgeBase for
storage and retrieval of data, discussion forums, personnel applications
and optional systems applications, the company said.

“Merlin enables companies to create a fully functional intranet or extranet
quickly, easily and at low cost and is appealing to those companies without
the IT skillset or
resources to consider creating their own Intranet from scratch,” said Focus
Internet director Mike Newing.

Focus Internet provides business solutions based on Internet technology to
a wide range of companies across a diverse range of market activities. It
provides technology that encompasses interactive Web sites utilising
databases, intranets, extranets and multimedia presentations.

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