Kicks Off $10 Million National Campaign, an idealab!-incubated company that provides
free collaboration sites for businesses, on Tuesday
kicked off a $10 million national advertising campaign.

The campaign, aimed at entrepreneurs and small businesses, will feature
network cable television ads on CNN,
ESPN, MSNBC and other networks. Radio spots will air in 10
major markets across the country.

“We expect this campaign will give us the ability to quadruple the size of
our customer base to more than 500,000 companies by the end of the year,”
says Steve Crummey, chief executive officer and president of

“We will accomplish that growth both through our marketing to the business
audience and through strategic partnerships. A strong by-product of our $10
million integrated ad campaign is that it will make our strategic partners
all the more successful in marketing our free service to their customers.”

The company counts affiliates, and others who market co-branded versions of
its sites, as partners. So far, says it has signed up more
than 80,000 business and organizations.

The $10 million for the campaign, created by the Gearon Hoffman agency, comes out of
$20 million in second round venture capital funding received
in November.

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