Intraspect Software Upgrades Knowledge Server

Touted as a platform for knowledge-enabled enterprise
applications, Intraspect Software
Wednesday released version 2.0 of its Intraspect Knowledge Server.

IKS 2.0 is aimed at both enterprise clients as well as system integrators.
New in the latest version is the knowledge agent service which enables
subscribers to receive software updates through integrated “push” and
collaboration technology. The technology consists of a new suite of
application programming interfaces (APIs) which support exchange with
intranet Web servers. HTML templates also make it easier to quickly deploy
integrated enterprise applications.

The company’s knowledge-enabled applications incorporate collaboration,
organization, search and subscription into a single area termed “group

Contribution and subscription to the group memory is available through
tight integration with e-mail and desktop applications. Search
technology also allows any information residing
within the group memory, existing Web servers or legacy databases to be
easily reused.

Main enhancements to the 2.0 version include: subscription and
notifications; policy-based access control; enhanced APIs, template
customization; enhanced user interfaces; and e-mail

Pricing for IKS 2.0 begins at $25,000 and volume, term and site license
options are available.

“Corporations are moving toward knowledge-enabled applications,” said
Jim Pflaging, chief executive officer of Intraspect Software. “By sharing
and reusing existing applications and business decisions, companies are
able to improve organizational learning and, most importantly, their
ability to innovate.

“With IKS 2.0, Intraspect has an integrated application
that provides enterprise and systems integration customers a great
stand-aloneapplication and a platform for integration with existing IT

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