J. River Releases Ice.ppn For Portable Private Networking

Network software developer J. River Inc.
Friday debuted its ICE.PPN, designed for use by desktop users on a LAN,
remote offices, or “road warriors” who need secure access to UNIX corporate

Unlike a virtual private network, ICE.PPN can secure data inside the LAN
and from the client to the individual server, not just to the firewall. It
can secure the connection regardless of whether a firewall is in place.

The tool secures data on corporate LANs, where more than 70 percent of
security breaches occur, eliminating the need to install firewalls inside a
LAN. It allows secure use of the Internet for transmitting confidential
data, reducing telecommunications costs.

Initially ICE.PPN will support Solaris, Linux,
AIX, SCO UNIX and UnixWare servers, as well as Windows 95, Windows 98 and
Windows NT clients. Support for additional UNIX servers and Windows NT
servers is planned.

“ICE.PPN offers a rich set of features yet is easy to install, administer
and use,” said Rod Moore, J. Rivers director of sales. “With its end to
end encryption it provides a new level of security for telnet and FTP

A server license with 5 clients costs $1195.

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