Microsoft Unveils Mobility Workplace

Targeting the wireless enterprise market, Microsoft Corp. announced a
partnership with systems integrators to jointly develop and market mobile
deployments to businesses.

The initiative, dubbed Microsoft Mobility Workplace, brings the Redmond,
Wash., company together with HP Services, Accenture, Cap Gemni Earnst &
Young, and other systems integrators to roll out devices, applications and
services geared to meet the needs of businesses’ mobile needs.

“Windows Powered mobile devices are powerful tools for mobile professionals
that offer even greater potential when they are deployed by and truly extend
enterprises,” Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in a statement. “Enterprises
that fully utilize devices to keep their information workers in touch with
colleagues and customers have increased opportunities to enhance customer
satisfaction and extend productivity gains.”

The first fruit of Mobility Workplace is a Windows-based messaging service
called Mobile Messaging, which will run over Microsoft-built Pocket PCs and
Smartphones beginning this fall.

The alliance is meant to simplify the complicated process of implementing
wireless technologies from various vendors across businesses, bringing
together planning, deployment, security, device choice, and customer

Mobile Messaging will be offered as an all-in-one solution, including
planning and deployment, security, Pocket PCs and Smartphones, and

Last month, speaking at TechXNY/PC Expo, Microsoft unveiled its
new Tablet PC
, a hybrid of a PC and PDA, which the company hopes will
serve the needs of the non-deskbound information worker.

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