Net.Works Makes Use of Directory in Intranet

Net.Works Corp. Thursday’s licensed Logio Inc.’s
Logio Directory on its Web
site to give its employees across the U.S. access to
business information.

The consulting firm said it wanted to give its employees across the nation
access to a single-source intranet, which the directory may make more
efficient. Clients can look for data about anything from business law to
descriptions of employee benefits.

Logio works closely with its customers to deploy the Logio Directory within
existing intranet frameworks and design parameters to provide a seamless

Net.Works President Clay Flory praised the directory’s efficiency.

“In the constant battle to perform our job functions with greater
efficiency, we decided to incorporate the Logio Directory as an in-house
business tool on our corporate intranet,” Flory said. “As with most
companies these days, the Internet is a large part of our day to day

“Since incorporating the Logio Directory, our employees have used it
exclusively when searching and researching the Internet. We spend less time
bouncing from search engine to search engine and are pleased with the

Net.Works is a national information systems consulting firm providing the
design, development, maintenance and security of information technology
solutions for large corporations and the federal government.

Logio is an IT solution provider.

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