NetPhone Debuts Voice E-Mail for Intranets

NetPhone Inc. Tuesday unveiled the NetPhone IPBXmail visual voice mail system, which enables access to voice mail messages from a Web browser and integrates e-mail and voice mail.

Additional capabilities are designed to help users screen, prioritize and queue calls, plus route calls automatically to home or cell numbers or to coworkers.

IPBXmail will be bundled with NetPhone IPBX, NetPhone’s open system for integrating voice and data communications across corporate intranets. IPBX allows enterprise customers to route voice traffic between offices over the corporate intranet.

The company also plans to offer additional appliances for converged networks, such as telecommuting and mobility support for travelers.

“Our goal with NetPhone IPBX is not only to provide the means for customers to save money on long distance telephone calls, but to also offer an open system that can support a range of applications that require the integration of voice and data,” said Mike Katz, vice president of marketing and business development at NetPhone Inc.

IPBXmail is scheduled for availability in the third quarter and will be bundled with NetPhone IPBX.

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