NCR Marries ATM, Web Experiences

NCR Corporation
has introduced Canada’s first fully-integrated, Web-enabled Automated Teller
Machine (ATM).

The new NCR Web ATM combines the features of the Automated Teller Machine
with familiar Internet capabilities. The synergy is expected to dramatically
change the way consumers use self-service.

NCR says that by leveraging the same tools and technologies that are
commonplace in the PC industry, the well-known and well-used ATM has begun
its migration from the Automated Teller Machine to the Automated Services

At first sight, the Web ATM will resemble current ATMs closely; but users
will now be able to use the touch screen to customize the display to call up
specific services and transactions they regularly use, as well as many
additional ones not previously available. When requested, the machine will
still dispense real, not virtual, cash.The Web ATM is also expected to make a significant impact
on the way financial institutions market to their customers.

Financial institutions are moving away from mass marketing to a one-to-one
marketing approach that focuses on consumer needs, goals and desires.
Internet technology at the ATM will allow consumers to have access to an
entire new range of products, services and information, said Rick Makos,
NCR’s vice president, Financial Solutions Group.

Since the new ATM incorporates Web browser technology, consumers will also
be able to access an even greater menu of financial and consumer services,
products and information. From buying and selling stocks, and contributing
to an RRSP, to purchasing tickets to a sports events, and other third party

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