NCR, CitX Partner to Launch E-Commerce Solutions

NCR Corp. is partnering with CitX Corp. to launch a series of
electronic commerce services for the healthcare, retail, financial, insurance
and general business sectors.

The solutions are based on NCR’s TOP END distributed enterprise middleware.

The first two applications jointly developed by the companies are called
Intrapay TE/MSM for medical societies and related organizations, and Intrapay
NC/RPM for rental property management firms.

Available via the Internet, Intrapay products are fee-for-use network-centric
applications based on Java and a customized embedded version of NCR’s TOP END.

Medical societies across the United States will be able to use Intrapay TE/MSM to manage the collection of member dues and insurance premiums, distribute private and public information, and provide unique online services to their physician members.

With Intrapay NC/RPM, property management firms or individuals will be able to electronically collect rents, distribute payments to vendors, and maintain
account profiles on commercial and residential property leases.

The application integrates Bill Collect and Funds Disbursement functions that
enable the electronic collection and disbursement of money through another
CitX partner, Priority One Electronic Commerce of Akron, PA.

Each Interpay application features a customized embedded version of TOP END,
which CitX has licensed from Dayton, Ohio-based NCR.

“Intrapay is the first network-based product to emerge from our relationship
with NCR,” said Bernie Roemmele, CEO of Quakertown, PA-based CitX.

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