NetScreen-10 Combines Data Security and Traffic Management

NetScreen Technologies introduced NetScreen-10, a product that combines security and traffic management functions on a single dedicated hardware platform.

Priced at under $4,000, NetScreen-10 is an affordable solution for many businesses that require secure data transmissions.

“We’ve added the NetScreen-10 to our product family to provide a cost-effective way to secure data that travels within a company or over the Internet,” said Richard Hanke, marketing director for NetScreen Technologies. “The low cost and easy deployment of this product allows us to deliver a
high-performance security and traffic management solution to a whole new set
of users, without disrupting existing network configurations.”

Now, instead of using separate devices for firewall, VPN and traffic
management, network administrators can use a single device that bridges
LANs and the Internet. It utilizes an in-house designed ASIC, which performs
all the firewall and DES encryption/decryption functions.

Firewall features include a network address translation (NAT) mode to hide internal IP addresses, dynamic filtering, and support for 16,000 concurrent sessions and up to 200 advanced access policies.

Easily deployed in a networked environment without the need to reconfigure
existing routers or hosts, NetScreen-10 is priced at $3,995. During May, the
vendor will also be shipping a firewall-only version for $2,995 and a 40-bit
encryption version solely for export for $3,995.

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