NextPage Launches Intranet Software App

Content delivery solution specialist NextPage Wednesday launched a software
application that gives corporations the ability to access information from
Internet sites, intranets and document repositories as if the content
existed in a single location.

Using LiveEnterprise, professionals can search, navigate, categorize and
personalize information from disparate content sources in
real time. Once retrieved, the documents are ranked by relevancy and key
search terms are highlighted. The software enables users to identify and
retrieve additional documents with similar concepts.

LiveEnterprise houses a software adapter that creates a continuous link between all content servers within the
content network. This live link, called LiveSyndication, connects users to
information in almost any format and in any location.

Information does not have to be collected and maintained in one location by
the IT department to be available to the content network. Content can be
updated and maintained in its original location by its original author.
Every time a user connects to the content network, the user gets an updated
view of the network in real time.

“Professionals spend much of their time sorting through and finding the
right information for the right need,” said Brad Pelo,” chief executive
officer of NextPage.

“With LiveEnterprise, corporations can connect users
with their most important content sources, forming personal Content
Networks. These sources can range from internal corporate content to
published information on the Internet.”

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